When It’s almost wash day

Hair bows are a great accessory when you need a couple more days before wash day. My daughter was rocking a 2 cornrow style that needed a little sprucing if we were going to stretch it out to wash day. 

I am not the best braider, especially when it comes to larger braids so headwraps also help mask that as well! 

I take out the two cornrows and moisturize her hair with a water/glycerin mix, ethereal kids hair oil and a little shea butter. 

Then I cornrow two braids again and put a headband on and … voila! Two more days of cuteness lol.

Short on time and need a quick style for your little one?

Check out this instagram reel on the Zeanie B. page. 

For a selection  of cute headwrap bow options check out the Zeanie B. Collection. 




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