Zeanie B Hair Bow Headwrap

The Only Reason You Need to Wear a Hair bow

Hair bows are not only for special occasions. The only reason you really need to wear a hair bow is because You Want To :-)

My 3 year old Zayla enjoys wearing hair bows for all occasions. She will wear them when we go for a walk, and will throw one on we have a play date. She also likes to wear them around the house when we are just lounging around. 

We recently attended a virtual spa and shopping event Hosted by Imani Jewelry & Ethereal by Love Atiya, and of course Zayla was rocking her Red Cowrie Zeanie B. head wrap bow while we participated in the Ethereal Skin Care segment. 

The head wrap kept Zayla’s hair out of the way as we applied the Ethereal Turmeric mask to our face. It was awesome that Zayla chose not to wear the band wide, she opted to scrunch her band for a narrow look. I love the versatility of head wrap bows!  


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